Who We Are

We are just a bunch of fun loving adventurers that have fallen in love with a little African Village. We are average, everyday people that just want to make a difference in the world.


In September of 2005, we were introduced to Kolunga Village by Mark Ross, naturalist/safari guide. All nine of us were instantly taken by the energy and compassion of the village. During our tour, we learned of the 200 AIDS orphans that live here with extended family or often live with no adult supervision, with just their siblings. Extended family in Kolunga means living with an aunt, grandmother or neighbor who is already over extended trying to feed her own family. Many of these kids live on little more than a cup of tea or a small portion of rice a day.

After returning home from Kenya, we all felt our hearts reach out to the villagers and the children of Kolunga. We set up Kolunga Village Foundation in 2006 to help. Our mission is to create and implement sustainable projects as identified by the village residents that provide education, better health and general well being.


The Estate of Robbie Gordon give us our first donation, which provided us with the necessary funds to register Kolunga Village Foundation as a 501 3 (c) non profit foundation. In the years since it's inception many loving donors have helped us achieve our goals. We are in regular communication with the village leaders to insure their needs are our needs and their goals are our goals.

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