Completed Projects


Our first project was completed in 2006. We built 6 outhouses for the village after the County Health inspector came to Kolunga and threatened to “close the beach” because of the unsanitary conditions in and around the village. We have since built a total of 21 outhouses, 3 of which were built in the neighboring village of Latare.


While completing the outhouses we also had furniture built for the nursery school in Kolunga. Tables, chairs and desks for the teachers were built by Pastor Charles who runs a small woodworking studio that helps at risk kids learn carpentry skills and he re-train fishermen for building careers. KVF volunteers bring new and used tools over to Charles on every volunteer trip.


In 2008 we chose to help another non-profit in the village with a dairy goat project. Shortly after joining them, the other non-profit left Kolunga for projects elsewhere. We took over the entire project, eventually donating over 85 goats, supervising the building of goat enclosures, managing the clusters of farmers and hiring a veterinarian to keep the goats healthy. The most successful farmers joined the Nianza Dairy Cooperative. We have since turned the project over to the farmers to run themselves.


After a tour of the village in 2008 one of our donor families collected and donated over 500 stuffed toys. KVF had them shipped to Kenya, transported out to Kolunga and we handed them out to the kids over 2 different visits to the village.


The Mears family has helped with many projects large and small. One of which was the awesome playground equipment for the nursery school. They have collected and donated toothbrushes for Operation Toothbrush, collected and shipped children’s soccer uniforms, donated to the Water Project and help us with Clinic staff salaries.


We’ve had a few high school students help KVF for their senior class projects. One student collected used prescription eyeglasses. Peter and Tina worked with the Lion’s Club of California to verify the prescriptions of over 300 pair of glasses donated. We then carried them over to the village with our Operation Toothbrush 2.0 equipment.


Through our partnership with Rusinga Island Trust we assist with the feeding program at the nursery school, providing the students with 2 meals a day. We also help provide student scholarships through a program that RIT started.



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