We’ve partnered with some exciting organizations!


Rusinga Island Trust

Increase Opportunity • Reduce Poverty • Empower Community

A combination of American and Kenyan board members, their focus is primarily on education and the children of Rusinga Island. They have become our “boots on the ground” in Kolunga. Alphons Okuku oversees our projects and is our fiscal watch dog in the village, making sure every penny we send over goes into our projects. Beth Plumlee is an inspiration and collaborator here in the U.S. We are very glad for the strong bonds we have made. See all of RIT's projects here.


Richard R. Pelo Foundation

Melinda Pelo has spearheaded the “Student Sponsorship Program” and revamped the Mimi nursery school feeding program with the help of Peace Corps volunteer Adam Crider. The kids in Kolunga treasure education, they know it’s their way out of poverty. The program that Melinda and her family have created is a great way to help these kids achieve their dreams.


Project Humanity

We met Richard Madison and Darren Tipton of Project Humanity while on Rusinga Island in 2015. With their generous help we are expanding out maternity/delivery suite and services. See all of their amazing work here.


The Peace Corps

Adam Crider was the most recent Peace Corp volunteer on Rusinga Island. Adam brings his legal and corporate background to Rusinga to help the people learn sustainability. We worked hand in hand with Adam, getting his advise on the feasibility and sustainability of our projects. Adam has returned to the US but is still an advisor to the board and dear friend.


We Care Solar

This non-profit is run by a husband and wife team, Hal Aronson and Laura Stachel. After working in the field and studying World Heath Organization statistics they observed alarmingly high infant and mother mortality rates during childbirth. Complications that can arise during childbirth often go unnoticed due to low or no light situations. Many times a health care worker is holding a flash light in one hand and performing difficult procedures with the other. The solar suitcase solves the one handed dilemma. It is a compact, self contained devise that provides a bright LED light and a power outlet. These suitcases are currently in use in 18 countries, including Kenya. We sincerely Thank We Care Solar for their donation of a suitcase to Kolunga Village.



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