Dr. Patrick Henry, DDS

Dr. Henrie graduated from Loma Linda University in 1968, top of class with a Doctor in Dental Surgery degree. His has actively practiced family dentistry since graduation. In the years prior to 2007, he traveled to Chiapas, Mexico conducting rural dental clinics with his Southern California based alma mater, LLU. For many years Dr. Henrie has volunteered seven weeks of his time performing pro bono dentistry in Guatemala with a group called, Faith in Practice. Dr. Henrie is a very

resourceful dentist is well adapted to working in a rural environment.

Dr. Henry joined us in the village 5 years ago for Operation Toothbrush 1.0 and has been making the journey back to the village annually since.


Jonelle Farr, RDH BS

Joni was instrumental in getting "Operation Toothbrush" started. She was the driving force that got Dr. Henry to join the KVF team and she also guided us in so many ways when we were setting up our first volunteer trip. During Operation Toothbrush she is the dental hygienist, surgery assistant and comic relief. Joni is now a board member and dear friend.


Simon Farr

Simon was a participant on our first ever Operation Toothbrush. He has returned to the village many times on his own to help with engineering projects and coach and referee soccer.


Alura Gilberts

We don’t know exactly how we found Alura, or how she found us but she is an angel. She was our eyes and ears in the village, supervising our first two projects.

Alura was extremely vigilant in cost and quality control, both of which can be difficult jobs in Africa. She sent us daily reports of the accomplishments and updates on village life. In addition to regular meetings with the village chief, she took time to go out amongst the community, to get to know the people and determine how we can help them further (compiling a two page list of future projects). Alura had fun and enjoyed the experience.



Brandon Potter

Brandon started volunteering for KVF when he was a Fire Fighter/Paramedic from Snowmass/Wildcat, Colorado, He has taken several trips to Kenya and Kolunga, always with a desire to help out in any way he can, from teaching CPR skills, donating medical supplies, and fundraising back home in Colorado.

Recently Brandon graduated from medical school and is now practicing medicine in



Nikol Antoniono

Nikol is a graphic/web designer living in State College, PA. She learned about Kolunga Village in January 2007, when she visited Rusinga Island. In Kolunga she was moved by the children who held her hands as she walked through the village. Nikol designed and produced our first website and helped maintain it for many years.


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